Behind the super long posts…

Hey guys!


My name is Laura Rizzotto and I am a 18-year old (soon to be 19) singer/songwriter originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil who is currently attending Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA.

I hope you guys enjoy my posts as much as I’ve been enjoying yours! 🙂






1-While riding on public transportation (e.g., the bus, fairy, or subway), what do you look at or watch?

A: I look at what people are wearing a lot, trying to figure out traces of their personalities by how the present themselves to the world. I’m always looking at people who seem to be in a cheerful conversation of their own. Their positive vibe is always so compelling and interesting to watch!

2-What TV show are you following? (If you’re not watching TV, what is the most recent book you read, and did you enjoy it?)
A: I’ve been following “How I met your mother” for the last couple of years and I fell in love with this new show called “Switched at birth” that involves a quite a bit of sign language as well. I was so interested how so many hard of hearing people manage to communicate without words like that.

3-Scenario: While sitting at the local coffee shop, you notice that a young woman with two children is becoming increasingly aggravated. After 10 minutes, she begins to yell at one of the children, calling her a “stupid little shit.” No one else is in the coffee shop, and the baristas are in the back. What do you do? Would you change your answer if it were a man instead of a woman?
A: I would immediately stand up and ask what was going on and to take it down a notch on the kid. Children are still learning to become aware of the environment around them and will mess up every once in a while, but no one has the right to talk to someone, especially that defenseless, in that way. I wouldn’t change my answer if I was a man. I’d probably curse just as much too (dont’ judge). 😛

5-Scenario: You just won a billion dollars! The first person you call doesn’t answer their phone. Who is the second person you would call (your mom, spouse, child, uncle, friend)?
A: The second person I would call would be my sister. First mom, then sister… or maybe a multiple-line call so no one would feel left out.


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